Rhett Robinson

The morning of November 23, 2015, Holly’s sister, Abby, was induced for labor with her second son. Leading up to the day, Abby told everyone not to show up at the hospital until after 12pm, because everyone waited at the hospital for 8 hours while she was in labor with her first son, Liam. Little did she know that she would only be in labor for 3 hours! Not long after she received an epidural, she was ready to push! Little Rhett made his debut after only 12 minutes of pushing! Mom says that shows you how impatient he is, and it is already showing as a dominant trait of his personality in just one month! ūüôā

He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces (exactly 1 pound heavier than big brother, Liam, was when he was born!), and was 19 inches long. They have their perfect pair, as Liam looks just like his mom, and Rhett looks more and more like his dad each day. Both of the boys are so cute!

Baby Rhett is 1 month old now,¬†so we asked if mom had any funny stories from the last 4 weeks about Liam and how he has been reacting to him. Liam loves his baby brother , but she said she can’t let Rhett cry for too long, or Liam will start crying. There are a few times when Rhett has cried, and Liam will throw toys at him as if to say “stop crying! play with this so you will be quiet!” She said even though Liam never took a pacifier, he loves to steal¬†Rhett’s and run away with it. It definitely sounds like mom and dad will have their hands full with the two boys! I can tell you one thing, for sure, these two boys come from one of the most loving families that this world has! Congratulations to Abby, Chris, and Liam on their newest addition to the Robinson family! Make sure to check out our Children gallery and our Facebook page to view these images and more!

Wyatt Family

Meet the Wyatt Family! Blake, Kaitlyn, and 6 month old baby Colter! We had such a great time doing the christmas themed photo shoot for Colter…between him eating the glitter on all of the ornaments, and trying to keep his cousin away from taking all of the “balls” from the set, we were actually able to get some great images! Even with all of the decorations, and lights, nothing was as cute as him and those bright blue eyes! ¬†After we finished taking the baby’s pictures, we moved outside to take family photos. That was when we got to be apart of our first surprise engagement session! We were so excited to be involved in something so special for the family! Holly¬†was taking family photos when the couple announced their pregnancy, then she was able to take their maternity photos (click here to view them in our maternity gallery), and now we were able to capture their family photos and engagement! We hope you enjoy these photos just as much as we enjoyed taking them! Make sure to check out our Family and Children¬†gallery pages to view these images and more!

Alexandru Oprea

Meet baby Alexandru! He is part Romanian, part Venezuelan which makes one handsome little boy! After carrying him for almost 42 weeks, being in labor for 37 hours and needing to have a c-section in the end, Alexandru finally made his debut into the world on October 5, 2015 weighing in at 4 Kilos 300 grams (around 9 pounds)! He is the first child for his parents, and you can definitely see their instant infatuation with him! This baby is surrounded by so much love from family and friends, both near and far! We hope you enjoy looking at his pictures as much as we did taking them!


I guess this is how we start

We are Gabe and Holly, we are married and we love to capture moments. That’s how we got to create this website, to have a place where we can post our work and share it we the ones interested in photography and being photographed.¬†

This website will be the result of our hobby, both of us having full time jobs and working on this it’s gonna be a bit challenging! But believe us, we love a challenge and we’ve overcome some big ones so far.¬†

So please follow us around here for more stories and photo shoots and please don’t be afraid to get in touch with us!¬†